marți, 11 ianuarie 2011



For the dough:

- 6 eggs
- 150 g sugar
- 150 g flour

For vanilla cream:

- 4 egg yolks
- 500 ml milk
- 30 g flour
- 150 g sugar
- 100 g butter
- vanilla
- a pinch of salt


-2 sheets (2x400g) of pastry


For the dough:
Beat the eggs with sugar until they turn white and volume triples. Pour the flour 'in the Rain' over custard. Bake this in a baking tray covered with parchment paper, in a preheated oven at 180 Celsius degrees about 30 minutes. Tip: You can add some chocolate chips. 

For vanilla cream:
Mix yolks with sugar until blanched, then gradually add the flour and the warm milk. Boil over medium heat until the custard cream became thick. Do not forget stirring constantly. Add vanilla and then let it cool. Foam 100 g butter and add one by one tablespoon of custard.
Bake the two sheets of pastry in preheated oven at 180 degrees for 10 minutes.
Tip: make small holes with a fork, and sprinkle the pastry with granulated sugar.
Lay one sheet of pastry and place a layer of custard cream. Then add the backed dough and another layer of custard cream. The top layer of this cake is the last backed sheet of pastry. Place a weight on top of cake (a wooden board, for example). Refrigerate overnight.
Tip: You can moist the dough with some sugar syrup, or with a little warm milk

Bonne appetite!

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